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Security Lighting

Security Lighting is as important as an alarm system. When installing an alarm consider where the "hot" spots could be and consider getting the appropriate lighting installed.

LED Flood Lights are a popular choice, which produce a clear pure light, but attention must be given to the power (watts) of the fitting.

Most alarm systems have a contact on the alarm unit which could switch a control security and illuminate the perimeter lighting.

The lighting could also be triggered with a motion sensor, or activated by a day and night switch or an electrical timer.

When installing a generator or UPS, consideration must be given to illuminate the led flood lights.

With our experience security lighting powered by a small solar panel does not provide a bright light source, they are fine when doing walkways through gardens.

Gone are the days when an incandescent lamp (not bright enough), a halogen lamps (high current usage) are installed. LED is the way to go.

The good news is that lighting is the first step towards making your home secure! Security lights all around the outside of your home will improve your security and scare off burglars.

Before you have your security lights installed, take a look at some Eveready tips for you to consider and remember:

  • Lighting colour. The colour of your light bulbs is very important. We recommend that you use cool daylight or cool white bulbs, as they produce a clean and crisp light with no shadows.
  • Day and night sensor globes. These are perfect to have around the outside of your house as they sense when someone walks past and switch on and off automatically. Not to mention, you will end up saving on your electricity costs too.
  • Have enough light. It’s very important to make sure that you have enough light to cover your entire property, especially those hidden dead or dark spots.
  • Outdoor fittings need to be installed correctly. If they’re not, then the security lighting may not be as effective. When installing security lights, make sure to consider the height from the ground, the angle and the wattage of the lamp.